Leaking Detection and Repair

The Northen Blvd Plumbing and Heating leak detection service, quickly locates leaks in buried pipelines as well as plant piping and systems checks. The method uses a helium tracer in a gas, usually nitrogen, and a sensitive helium detector. The normal fluid is removed from the line, the line is pressurized with the test gas, then the helium detector is used to sense the presence of helium in the air above the line. A seep as small as 1 gallon per day can be detected – with no service interruption or excavation required.
Proven to be the best method for detecting hazardous hydrocarbon leaks before startup and operation

Safe operating conditions are essential to oil and gas processing systems. Northen Blvd Plumbing and Heating Leak Detection is  the only method of accurately locating and quantifying system leaks.
Some of the advantages to using Northen Blvd Plumbing and Heating Leak Detection include:
Testing is done as close to system working pressues with a gas to simulate "live" conditions